How do setActivePosition_ and zoomViewToRect_ work?

Continuing the discussion from Setting the same visibleRect (?) across each tab:

I’m still trying to make this script but the following code doesn’t do anything? Am I calling the wrong function
Font.currentTab.graphicView().zoomViewToRect_( NSRect( NSPoint(50, -615), (1264, 645) ) )
Font.currentTab.graphicView().setActivePosition_(NSPoint(1000, 55))

You can not set the activePosition. It is set automatically. All you might do with this is mess up the rendering.

Here is a working version:

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Following up on the activePosition and what I think it might be: I once asked if it will be possible to center the view around the caret. Like when the caret is positioned somewhere in a long string. Then I read in a changeLog, that it was implemented and should happen by default. But I never saw this happening. What was this about then?

I thought that part in the change log was referring to this in the preview panel— I had to disable it to return it to the default behaviour.

activePosition has nothing to do with the scrolling, bit gives you the origin of the current glyphs in view coordinates. Construct an rect from it and then call GraphicView.scrollRectToVisible_(thisVisibleRect). By making the rect bigger you can define the centering.