How do you draw a perfect round shape inside Glyphs?

I figure I’m missing out something pretty obvious, even so here goes:

I usually start designing by structuring the curves of letters such as h, n, b and p from rectangles and perfect round shapes. I also find practical to shape the dots in the i and the j by starting out with a circle.

Obviously, it is not unintentional that Glyphs lacks an ellipse tool. However, in my first days of dabbling with the app I haven’t managed to create a perfect circle or semi-circle using either the primitive, draw, arrow or transform tools. Is there a straightforward way to do this?


If you hold-click the primitive tool, a circle tool appears. Is this what you are looking for?

Actually, yes. I was stupid enough to think that either there was a good reason not to be a circle tool, or it wasn’t as evident as this. Thanks.

For the round shapes, the fit curves panel helps a lot. If you set it to 57%, it produces almost perfect circles (or ellipses). Then you can draw the curves with the pen tool and then get consistent shapes later.