How do you get acces to the glyph.lib?

Anybody knows how I can get to the data inside the glyph.lib?

from import *
f = CurrentFont()

for glyph in f:
    print glyph.lib

Have you read those?

Yes I did, but that didn’t work; I get the following error:

Error in File ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/

line 676, in get_lib
return self.object.userData.objectForKey(“org.robofab.ufoLib”)
AttributeError: ‘objc.native_selector’ object has no attribute 'objectForKey

The implementation of the RoboFab wrapper and the saving and loading .ufos was not complete. I fixed both.

For now, you can use the Glyphs Python API:

Font = Glyphs.currentDocument.font
Glyph = Font.glyphs["B"]
if Glyph.userData() == None:
Glyph.userData()["Test"] = "!!!!!!"
print Glyph.userData()["Test"]
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Hi Georg,

Thanks for your reply, did you test the script above? It does not save anything to glyph.lib or anywhere in the font as it is only valid in session.

I was not clear about what I wanted but I need to read existing data from Glyph.lib