How does the font view crop?

How does the font view choose to crop the glyphs? The horizontal cropping seems okay, and i can live with the occasional very wide glyph like /omultiocular-cy or /pertenthousand being cropped in the font view.

But the vertical cropping for some of my fonts is too harsh and crops off the top part of accents; most obvious in the circumflex and the diaeresis:

Metrics are mostly 2800 with a typoAscender/Descender of 3900/-1100. UPM is 4000.

I can sort of live with it on the Font View, but if i use Command-P to print to a PDF (a feature that i am now really liking), then the first row also has cropped accents.

For that matter, to preview whole glyph in font view. you can set the Preview Ascender & Preview Descender in Font Info > Masters > Custom Paramaters > Preview Ascender
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 22.32.26

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Wow. Nice find. I can indeed use that to fix the height of the display in the Font View (despite the name and the description).

My original question still stands, how does it choose when that parameter is not in use? It says that default is 1,000 but that is blatantly not true for my font (UPM 4000, CapHeight 2800). I can tell, because when i do add the parameter and it defaults to 1,000 that is ridiculously short.

The Print View (File > Print from Font View) is still broken. Any ideas?

The cropping in font view is determined by the size of the tiles that contain the glyph. So the question is rather how the size and position is determined.

I improved the grid printing a bit. It uses the “Preview Asc/Descender” now, too and the positioning/scale is very similar to the font view now.

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