How does the new preview window work?

I’ve just downloaded Glyphs 2.1 with the new preview window. It works, to a certain extend. How can I move or center the text in the preview window? I want to have it full screen on another monitor, but the text is off page. I can’t move it either. If I grab ‘the text’ in the preview panel, the panel moves and not the text inside it.
I also tried moving the text in the glyphs tab, but this has no effect on the preview panel.

It would be great to move and zoom in on the text inside the preview panel.

Is this a bug or am I overlooking something?

the preview panel centers the text on the currently active glyphs in the edit view, just like the attached preview view.

Thanks Georg,

I don’t see an attachment, but I think I understand what you mean. Whenever I want to have the text centered, I need to click on the center glyph in the text I want to preview?
I tried this and it works. And when I type more text it doesn’t stay centered and I need to click on the centered glyph again to center the preview text. Right?

Wouldn’t it be easier that you can just drag the preview text where you want to have it, since it also scales up when the window gets higher.

I know it’s my ‘mistake’ because I thought it would work like a new Tab, which it doesn’t. It really works like the preview window you can activate in the bottom with the little eye.

Got it.