How slow will Glyphs Pro 3 be open with a bigger font on a 2020 MacBook Pro with M1 and 8 GB RAM?


I used to have a Mac mini, in which I ran Glyphs Mini and Glyphs Pro 2, but it’s dead.

I already own a mighty PC, but I need an Apple laptop for running Glyphs Pro 3.

I am planning to purchase a used 2020 M1 MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM and a Glyphs Pro 3 upgrade licence, but I am distressed because, at Reddit, the members of the subreddit r/mac advised me on my topic that Glyphs Pro probably would be slower on this MacBook and recommended me to choose the 16 RAM, but the 16 RAM Apple model is unaffordable here in Brazil.

I used BirdFont, but it is somewhere limited, and FontLab is complete but doesn’t have some features that Glyphs Pro has. I always wanted to use Glyphs. My ambitions are to create the open source hyperglyot fonts, containing pan-Latin, pan-Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Klingon, mathematic formulas, black letter, emoji, Nerd Fonts icons.

Then will Glyphs Pro be slow with this font I wished to create on this model?

The M1 MacBook Pro will be plenty fast for Glyphs. And from what I have read, the memory shouldn’t make a big difference for most apps, either (except for Virtual machines; I saw some benchmarks with Logic and Final Cut comparing the 8 and 16 GB version on youtube).

That said, it is advisable to buy a mac with a bit more ram that you currently need to make it a bit more future prove.
And for your purposes, the M1 MacBook Air will be plenty fast and the 16 GB version is cheaper than the 8GB MacBook Pro. And the performance in Glyphs will be exactly the same.

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Thank you for your answer. I am calm now. Unfortunately, the old M1 MacBook Air aren’t available in Brazil. But you said Gylphs will be plenty fast on the M1 MacBook Pro, I’ll be less worried and consider buying this model.

As far as I can see it is available in the Brazilian Apple Store. There are rumors that it will be updated, soon.