How to add anchors in smart component?

Hello, thank you for reading this message seeking for help.

We use smart component to create Chinese characters.
I am wondering how to add anchors with the name of the properties to interpolating layers? Then I can add smart handles to smart component.It’s convenient to drag to make adaptations to shapes.

Sometimes I can add an anchor with the menu when right clicking.But that anchor seems not related to the component or shape.

Many thanks!

Right click > Add Anchor

You still have to add the names manually. Once you have the anchors, you can run the mekkablue script Insert All Anchors in All Layers.

Here is a little code snippet you can paste into Macro Window and run for all selected glyphs:

from AppKit import NSPoint
for selectedLayer in Glyphs.font.selectedLayers:
	glyph = selectedLayer.parent
	axisNames = [ for a in glyph.smartComponentAxes if not in ("Width", "Height")]
	for thisLayer in glyph.layers:
		if thisLayer.isSpecialLayer:
			for i, axisName in enumerate(axisNames):
				if not thisLayer.anchors[axisName]:
					smartAnchor = GSAnchor(axisName, NSPoint(0, -i*50))