How to add axis?

Not sure what happened with the Additional Master Axises?

Can someone explain how can we add another axis now?

You might find some hints when you click the help button next to the axis field :wink:

Untrue. When you click the ? button it says “Add more axes in” and it is unclickable.

Pretty much a dead-end after clicking.


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It should say …in Font Info > Font. Add an Axes Parameter to determine which axes you want.

Thanks. Got it.

In the latest version (2.5.1) I am trying to add an italic axis so I can create italic instances but the new Italic axe does not show up in the Masters and Instances windows. What I am doing wrong?
Please, also fix the “Add more Axis in” issue in the ? icon. It’s very confusing.


Don’t add two Axes parameter but add the second axis to the existing Axes parameter.

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