How to add "postscriptFontName"

I would like to export the UFO’s from glyphs with the “postscriptFontName”, “postscriptFullName” parameters included. Is there a way to enter them on Glyphs?

I mean. Export the UFO’s all at once without having to generate instances first.


File > Export > UFO?

Yes that does it, when it is a file with single master and the custom parameter “postscriptFontName” is added on the “instances tab” of the font info.

What I wanted to do is export all the master UFO’s of a multiple master file with the custom parameter “postscriptFontName”, but there is no way to add it in the “Masters” tab of the font Info. I tried to add it there but the parameter shows in gray.

This would be useful because I want to build my fonts with FDK and need to export the UFO with those parameters.

It cannot be in the Masters tab because a string cannot be interpolated.

Why not export it from within Glyphs then?

I prefer the output from from FDK, hinting is better. And Remove overlaps with checkoutlines -e is also better.
(BTW I tried to run “autohint” on OTF’s generated from Glyphs, the result was better but the “blueScale” parameter didn’t seem to have effect, because offshoots didn’t offshoot)

Also, as I have complained a few times in other posts here, interpolations in glyphs have some problems. Since I went thought all the work of interpolating outside of glyphs, I might as well build the fonts with FDK.

Glyphs is an amazingly good app to develop the fonts, though.

Glyphs does use the FDK and checkOutlines. So I would be interested what differences you found. You can check the makeOTF command that is used to generate the font in the Temp folder > generateFont.command file. All data is in that folder.

This is one example of checkoutlines -e command applied to the UFO, and the output by Glyphs with remove overlaps checked. It’s a case of a glyph made of components, on simple outlines, I couldn’t find differences.

Could you send me that file?