How to add space to every beginning of a line

hi, i am new here, trying out glyphsapp for the first time. i think I’ll love it. now I am trying to design a negative font which needs one space width before every first character in each line. is that possible?

i have found some stuff for “beginning of a word”, but not for beginning of a line. thanks for your help!

Have you read the OpenType tutorials:
In OpenType, you can’t discern between beginning of the line or beginning of the “run” (every time the format changes (e.g.: you a some italic letters)). So it is not possible to target the beginning of the line.

Thanks for your reply Georg. Glad I do not need to search for a solution anymore. Then it’s more a paragraph styling thing for InDesign. Makes more sense as well.

Danke Georg! Glyphs macht großen Spaß!

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