How to break a custom list filter

Hm, looks like I just broke the custom list filters. I was trying to make one with a range of code points in it. I first tried u2190-u2199. Nope. Then I tried an ellipsis, like u2199...u2199. Now I can’t edit or remove it anymore. I was able to delete it by editing the CustomFilters.plist file. But now I wonder how to make a Unicode range in a filter.

It works fine for me. The range is not working but the UI keeps responding and I can edit it.

It looks like going from ... to (the actual ellipsis glyph) is what made it lock up. Thanks. Is there syntax for a Unicode range?

Still works for me.
and there is no range syntax, yet. But as we have that in the Generate Glyphs dialog, it would make sense here, too.

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Hm, some weird glitch on my end then. Thanks for that and the possibility of adding ranges to the filters.