How to centre the 2 dots above the W (wdieresis) like this - ẅ

How to centre dieresiscomb on the W without messing all the other glyphs up - ẅ? Probably been mentioned before but can’t seem to find a solution. Apologies if obvious question, but please bear with me as this is all new and exciting :slight_smile:

Anchors should be centered in both base letter and diacritic glyphs.

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Awesome, thank for the help, I’ll try this! :raised_hands:

you can hit command + a (select all) twice it will select both the contours and the anchors and align them with transformations tool on right sidebar

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Fantastico :raised_hands:

Or select one anchor and some nodes and hit Cmd+Shift+A. Play around with this to see what happens.