How to clean duplicated nodes in batch


I am doing a brush font, and my current issue is that I have duplicated nodes in some places, the ones that show up in red.
My question is: Is there a way to clean all those duplicated nodes? Can I select all the glyphs and apply a Script, for example?

Thank you!

Use the menu Paths > Tidy up Paths (Shift-Option-Command-T). You can select multiple glyphs when selecting that menu option.

Thanks, @composerjk I already did/tried this. While it change some things, it still does not remove the red dots.

PS: I realized they are not overlapping points, but nodes that are really close to each other.

What do you have set in the grid settings?

Grid Spacing: 0
Subdivision: 1

I believe the red mark shows up when the nodes are under 1 unit of distance apart. That grid setup allows for fractional values for node locations. If the two nodes were part of a straight line beyond the nodes, then they would be tidied up.

You can use the Delete Short Segments filter from Window > Plugin Manager.

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Or set the gird to 1 and run the Tidy up paths command. Setting the gird will not actually enforce it, just if you move nodes.

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Thanks guys! It finally worked with Delete Short Segments

Hi guys, I’m trying to use the Delete Short Segments filter for same problem as described above (Overlapping red nodes on a highly textured design). However it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas?

Tidying up does not work? Cmd Opt shift T.

Correct ‘Tidy up paths’ does not work.

Grid spacing = 1 / Subdivision = 1 and I have also used ‘Round coordinates’ First. It has worked initially on some letters but not others. Refer to images:

Can you send me the W?

Sure — support at glyphsapp?

I’ve sent the file to the email above. Please let me know if there is an alternate address.

Many thanks.

The e-mail did not reach me. The one you mentioned here was fine, but as a spam protection measure please do not post cleartext e-mail addresses publicly.

You can also use a Forum DM.

Ok, have re-sent via forum DM. Thanks.

The “Tidy up paths” only removes very short line segments. The red dots also show up on short curve segments.

So is there no way to batch clean duplicated nodes when they are curves?

Rainers script could be adjusted to do that.