How to colourise Accented letters

Color Palette layers should be added anyway.
Here a script to automate it (if anyone will be looking for it in a future).

font = Glyphs.font
id =
for glyph in font.glyphs:
	layer = glyph.layers[id]
	if layer.components:
		for component in layer.components:
			source = component.component.layers[layer.associatedMasterId].parent
			for sourceLayer in source.layers:
				if sourceLayer.attributes['colorPalette'] or sourceLayer.attributes['colorPalette'] == 0:
					newLayer = GSLayer()
					newLayer.associatedMasterId = id
					newLayer.attributes['colorPalette'] = sourceLayer.attributes['colorPalette']
					colorComponent = GSComponent(source)
					colorComponent.automaticAlignment = False
					colorComponent.x = component.x
					colorComponent.y = component.y
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