How to create uppercase Adieresis and others?

Hey there!

I am currently working on a Font and I created the lowercase adieresis, odieresis and the udieresis.

Now if I create the uppercase ones and try to adjust the height of the dieresiscomb, it also changes the height of the lowercase ones?

I created the _top. Anchor and placed a top Anchor on every lowercase letter and that works, no problems, but how can I change the height of the dieresiscomb on the uppercase ones without changing it on the lowercase letters?

I’m sure there is an answer to my problem, I just can’t find it and every tip is appreciated!

I’m sure

I have just found the answer myself. I just have to place a new anchor in the uppercase A, O and U and adjust the height of the dieresis.

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You can also play with making a / glyph, which can facilitate more consistency with anchor placement (and allow differences in design between the cases if wanted).

Have you read this: Diacritics | Glyphs