How to: Creating a quick Black

Hi Guys: How do I create a quick Black or ExtraBlack version from e.g. a Book-version? Thanks :wink:

How quick?

He, he – one hour or so … it should just be a base for further work …

Personally, I would just duplicate the master and change the paths manually, using Nudge a lot.

Some people like to get a headstart with Filter > Offset Curve. But you have to go through all paths anyway, so…

Do you have a Regular style? Then you could extrapolate.

Yes, but how in a quick way?

What’s ‘Nudge’? Do you mean Filter > Noodler? Its also change the glyphs-hight …

No, by selecting an extreme point and moving it out with the ctrl and opt key pressed.

See the intro video on the Get Started page.