How to customise the foldable palette on the right side?

Hey folks! I’ve recently realised there can be more dropdown panels than default (Dimensions, Fit Curve, Layers, Transformations), but haven’t figured out how to customise that. Anyone knows where all those control panels are?

I want to rename my nodes after running some of the mekkablue scripts, and I’m looking for the relevant panel. Can’t find it from “help” :sweat_smile:

You can install additional Palette sections from WindowPlugin Manager. (The Plugin Manager lists many types of plugins, not just Palette sections).

I think you are referring to the NodeNamer plugin. Search for it in the Plugin Manager with the search field located in the top right of the window. Click Install and then relaunch Glyphs for the plugin to be loaded.

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Thanks Florian! Found it! :grin: