How to delete handle (control point) without deleting the other on adjacent node?

Is this possible? Here’s an image to explain better:

I’ve searched this forum, watched video and read the manual to find an answer but haven’t.

Much thanks.

you can’t have a bezier curve with only one handle. You often see one handled curves in Illustrator quite often but what happens is the on handle sits just on top of the on curve point.

I consider curves like that bad style, some call them dead curves. There are very few occasions that make sense to use them but usually you have much more control with two handles.

To get a one handled curve, just drag the handle on top of the on curve point.

How would one get the select the point again after it has been placed on top of the drag point? I have a point that stuck in there and I need to get him out!

You select any other node next to the overlapping nodes and use tab or shift+tab to move the selection to the “hidden” node.

There is also a nice script that equalises the distance of handles. Paths > Tunnify

shift+tab! that’s a neat trick, awesome thank you :slight_smile: