How to delete localizable entry in font info view

I have a simple question that how can I delete empty (which can be localized) info entry in Glyphs 3?
e.g. Designer, Vendor, Trademark.

It looks like that no any MINUS button here.

Hold down the Option key and press the Plus button.

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How can this be scripted?

Have a look at this: Python Scripting API Documentation — Python Scripting API 3.0 documentation

I’m reviewing with the properties and am confused by how they work. I’m experimenting with existing OFL fonts that already have font info populated. I manually changed the general font property values (designer, manufacturer, etc) in the font info dialog and then saved. Then I queried the font info with this script. The default values displayed from the script are the original default values before I changed them in the font info dialog. I then tried to manually delete the properties/values in the font info dialog and then re-added them with no change to the values returned by the script. What is the relationship between the stored font info properties and how they are queried by script?

fontInfoValueLocalized = None
for fontInfo in

Georg, hoping you might be able to point me towards more resources for understanding how to work with font info properties. I reviewed the Glyphs prog guide. See my reply from a couple days ago. I’m trying to dive back into, and re-learn, python and it will take some work.

  1. Where is the default .py dictionary file stored/saved?
  2. Is there a way to list all properties in the default dict so I can find what I don’t know about?

What has that to do with the font info?

Try that:

for fontInfo in
	if hasattr(fontInfo, "values"):

When I was searching through the forum, to find out more about font info, I believe I found a thread that discussed reviewing the .py file to view all of the defaults. I thought this might help me better understand where the unexpected values were originating. Maybe I misunderstood the thread. I’ll work with the python script to see what I can find. Thanks! Jim

What is the difference and/or relationship between fontInfo.values and fontInfo.defaultValues? When I query fontInfo.values I see the info I added/edited in the fontInfo dialog. However, when I query fontInfo.defaultValues I see mixed info…some from what I added/edited and some I didn’t that I don’t see in the dialog (I think from a prior version.)

it is “fontInfo.defaultValue” without a “s”.

The defaultValue is whatever entry is set to DFLT or English.