How to eliminate space between fonts

I’d like to be able to simulate a line by typing – one after another, but without space.

Initially I thought I could just draw a glyph like an icon font using the PUA

The glyph would have a with a width equal to the configured units per em, ex: 1000

I’ve used the default settings for metrics in the font info panel.

Once exported, I’m using span tags like in an html page and proper css to import the font:

<span class="icon icon-line"></span>
<span class="icon icon-line"></span>

but the rendering is still - - with an space between. Any ideas how I can eliminate the space!

Sample image: imgbox - fast, simple image host

example ?

In HTML, a line break is interpreted as a space character. You need to type both span elements next to each other, like so:

<span class="icon icon-line"></span><span class="icon icon-line"></span>
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Yeap, saved my day … thanks so much :grinning: