How to export all selected glyphs as text?

Is there a way to copy selected glyphs in a Glyphs project as unicode text to paste into a text editor? The aim is to import into Indesign to create a type specimen and I’d like to create a glyph character map like the ones you see on MyFonts and other resellers sites. As far as I understand not all glyphs have their own unicode reference (such as salt glyphs) and I’m not sure there is a way around this. The best method I have found so far is copying text from the HTML web previews. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.

There was a similar question in Copy Glyphs-text into InDesign? that points to @Tosche’s Export InDesign Tagged Text with All Glyphs script.

Another option is using the InDesign script described in Make a Font “Contact Sheet” in InDesign.

I thought I had seen another, but can’t recall right now. Still on Tokyo time (or somewhere in between), though I’m no longer there.

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Thanks very much! I will read through these threads :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, both of these do the job perfectly. Thanks again!

And there’s a mekkablue script called Copy InDesign Test Text that also lists OT features in the copied string. But you still have to activate the feature manually inside InDesign.

I just downloaded and tried this and it is very useful also. Thanks!

I don’t understand how to use the scripts… I press the button, nothing happens. I open up InDesign and hit cmd v to paste and the text pasted is “Copy InDesign”

Which button?

  1. Install the mekkablue scripts in Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts (Glyphs 3; for older versions see the GitHub page). Then reload the Script menu by holding tdown the Opt key and choosing Script > Reload Scripts.
  2. Run the script simply by choosing Script > mekkablue > Test > Copy InDesign Test Text. The script has no UI, it just puts a test text for the currently opened font in your clipboard.It will look something like this:
figures: a 0123456789 0123456789 0123456789 0123456789

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
By the button I meant I do this:
Script > mekkablue > Test > Copy InDesign Test Text

I don’t know, still not sure what it does. Anyway, just using Glyphs text preview to copy all glyphs as text. Works fine except for the alternates etc.

Script > mekkablue > Test > Copy InDesign Test Text” script does “Copy” every character and feature sets of the font designed to the clipboard. Then, we can “Paste” it into any text editor — preferably into an InDesign sheet’s text area, in this case. After that, if you are on InDesign, select the character lines below as you wish and make the related features on (look for their self-explanatory headers nicely marked there) to set them with all the features have featured in the font.