How to filter kerning groups

How can I quickly filter any of kerning group?

You can not really filter for kerning groups, but you can sort the glyph by the groups in the list view. Click the list view icon in the tool bar and then click in the header of the left or tight group.

Does this help?


Thank you Georg.

Your hint was very helpful, and after double click I have got full kerning group in text view.
very good idea! congratulations!

it would be nice to have similar possibility while double-clicking in any letter-tree in kerning pallet an in this way pasting kerning-pairs to Text View window.

Can you explain your suggestion a bit more, I do not understand it.


When you are in List View you can select glyphs and double-click to see them in Text View as the sample text

In the same way when you are in Text View you will be able to select and dobule-click in any item from Kerning Panel (letter which contain kerning paris) and see them in Text View like a sample text.
For example when you click on letter W (pulldown menu) you will be able to see sample text with all pairs that contains letter W.
If you click in selected items inside pull down menu, you will be able to see selected pairs as the sample text.

What pulldown menu do you mean?

I am sorry, I should write pulldown list or dropdown menu - a menu of options that appears below the item when the user clicks on it.

Kerning Panel is now designed as a dropdown list or or dropdown-menu with items. Is’t it?

It would be usefull to have ability to check visually whole kerning pairs for every letter/item, e.g. doubleclik on “W” and have in Text View sample of all kerning paris listed in in puldown-list below letter W in e.g WaW