How to find tiny irregularities?


So - I made a monogram font with fontself and brought it into Glyphs to finish it. I know, it’s better to work directly in Glyphs, but alas, I didn’t - and now I have a situation.

There seems to be a few very, very small irrgularities at some of the corners. I have a customer who uses the font to embroider, and these small artifacts break her process.

As you can see, unless you zoom way in, it is hard to detect these defects with the naked eye. My question is: Is there a way to detect paths this small with a script so I can fix them?

I’ve combed through the font several times zoomed way in, but keep missing them.

There is a New Tab with Short Segments script in my script repository on GitHub.

And you can switch to the measurement tool. It will ahi the length for all segments. If there are some red numbers where you don’t expect a segment, you have one of the short segments.

The red arrows and angled handles plugins can also help you spot these.