How to Generate Instances without Overlap

I’m trying to do this with custom Parameter with first decomposing the glyphs and then using the custom parameter filter

but it doesn’t work - the instances aren’t flattened.


what do you do with the instances. Export as OTF? "Edit > Generate Instances?

I don’t want to export OTF yet I want Glyphs Instances so I can import the files in Fontlab, so I need flat glyphs files, but the Remove Overlap filter does not work. File > Generate Instances

But you can run it on the new instances (manually or per script). The “Generate instances” command does not apply filters and other things.

Where are you adding these parameters?
And why cannot you have overlaps ins FontLab? Have you tried to simply import the .glyphs file with the FL Macro in the schriftgestalt repository?