How to get curvature of GSPathSegment?

Hey, I’m trying to find the curvature ratio of a segment. I came across the segment.curvature() method, but the output is a bit complex to understand:

"NSPoint: {0.65812499999999996, 1.6751329334463735e-05}"

I’m looking for a method to get the percent of curvature, similar to what’s shown in the Fit Curve Panel. Any ideas?

Is the first value not a percentage? 65.8%?

Unfortunately no :frowning:

I curvature of 40% return :

"NSPoint: {0.24062499999999998, 1.0900557376512997e-05}"

You can take a look at the Tunnify script.

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That is a point just to store two values. The first is the t (the percent in that segment). The second is the curvature value. You can get more than one value for curves like this

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