How to get glyph names list but not unicode

when i copy the glyph names, i can only get unicodes.
I want to export glyph names list, so that i can see the result in other software, such as PS, word.

by the way. glyph names are chinese

In FontView select some glyphs, right click > Copy Glyph Names and choose an option

i get only unicodes . that is why i ask this question

Can you post an example of what kind of text you would want to be copied?

what i need are the Chinese characters, but not the corresponding unicodes.

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name list like this:


I don’t understand. The name of the glyph is “uni3447”. The unicode is “3447” and the character is “㑇”. Which of the three you need?


Then you just need to select the glyph in the font view and copy. That will give you the character.

wow. only " just copy" will do the trick. thanks.