How to Import Kerning Groups?

I can import the kerning values in the kerning pallet. But how do I import the kerning groups that go along with it?

Import? From where?

Import? From where? From another glyph file. I have developed a Light weight font and set up all the kerning values and groups. I have a blank Medium weight that I want to import all the kerning info. Values AND groups. Values, no problem. Groups, I am scratching my head.

Is this the same family? Are these two masters not in the same file?

If not, check out the mekkablue scripts (Plugin Manager > Scripts > mekkablue, also make sure you have the necessary modules installed in the Modules section). You will find a script called “Steal kerning groups from font” in the Kerning section of those scripts.

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Yep. Unfortunately, it is two files in the same family, developed separately.

File > Import > Metrics

If you import with Import > Metrics, make sure you have the glyphs in question selected first.