How to increase font size

I have recently created a script. However, when i transfer it to AI, the font becomes very extremely small (you basically can’t see it). I have to increase font size to 100 (in AI) in order to view the text in which it also messes up my paragraph spacing etc. I tried reading previously forum posts and it has suggested me to change units per EM. I changed it from 1000 to 200 and then double clicked the double arrow icon next to it and typed “1000”). However, when i go back to AI, my font seems to have shifted. When i clicked “T” in AI, there will be a flashing indicator line (sorry i do not know the term of it, but it is supposed to indicate where your font will appear), my font will appear on top of the indicator instead of parallel to each other. Is there anything else I am missing here?

After a UPM change, a shift can happen. Restart AI once.
You are using the Adobe fonts folder, right?

What exactly do you mean by ‘shift’? Can you show that in a screenshot?

can you see the images? (first one with font 100 is the original file, second one with font 12 after amending the Units per EM to 200 and double arrow icon to 1000).

Basically, I am wondering what can i do in glyphs which I can make my font bigger in AI without having to change the size all the way to 100. If you see the picture with font 12, the cursor becomes below where my font appears and the length of the cursor is longer than usual.

P.s. it won’t let me upload 2 images, i will upload the 2nd image in another reply.

Hi @mekkablue, I suspect I may know the issue here. As per screenshot, I suspect the reason why I am having the cursor issue is because of the box/ grid size in my glyphs setting. Is it because for example the grid should be the size of a square (I.e. Screenshot on left) instead of a long rectangle. As you can see from the right, all my letters are shifted a bit upward instead of centered.

Are you sure you had them on the baseline to start with? You can Filter > Transform on all glyphs to put them back on the baseline again.

Your uppercase letters need to a sit on the baseline and then be a little smaller than the cursor. It seems to be a few times to small in your screenshot.