How to lock outlines

Is there a way to lock outlines. I’m finding that clicking on nodes in order to add hints quite often moves the node. Which is very annoying.

Ideally temporarily disable cursor keys?

Are you doing PS hint so often?

I usually select node by dragging a rect over them. That reduces the risk of moving them quite a bit and is faster.

Yes. Always manual hint. It’s quick, easy and I get the results I want.

Well it’s not as quick as FL because there are no short cuts and lots of click and zooming required.
It would be great to be able to toggle a lock on nodes so nothing shifts whilst speeding through application of hints with shortcuts for horizontal and vertical.

Also. is there a way to reverse the direction of a ghost hint? This would be very useful.

You can reverse the ghost hint through its grey info panel (Cmd Shift I).

doh. fab!