How to make stroke ends same cut?

In Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja glyphs there are many vertical and horizontal strokes. I have had this doubt for a long time: is there an easy way to have stroke ends same cut angle regardless of thickness and length? Corner component does not work properly for my purpose. Now I have to open every corner and use a guideline to check the cut angle.

You can use a cap component for this.

Make a glyph called “_cap.cup” (the part after the period can be anything).
Draw a diagonal path in it. Make sure it is 100 units wide:
The measure the width of your stem (it is 157 in this case).

Use 157% as the scale for the corner component in both direction.

It is not a perfect solution as you have to manually set the scale of the corner components all the time. You could write a small script that would keep that in sync.

Thanks a lot, Georg! I guess ‘fit’ should work in the future?

“fit” should work, but it will only scale horizontally, and that is not helping here.