How to open a custom dialog in Palette?

Hi Glyphs team,

I’m looking for the way how to open custom dialog in Palette. I use Palette well for my plugin, but to some extent, I need more space to do something else by opening new dialog when pushing a button on Palette. So I tried to find the way to achieve it, but I couldn’t. Please give me an advice.


You can do it with Interface Builder or with vanilla. Do you have experience with any of these?

Yes, I use XCode interface builder. Palette is mapped with GSPaletteView of IBdialog.xib file. It works well. I hope to invoke a custom dialog. Do I need to create new xib file or just add new custom view in IBdialog.xib? Then how can I load and invoke the dialog in codes?

That is done like any other dialog. This might help: