How to open corrupted glyphs files?

I’m trying to open the .glyphs file found here:

I get the following error: “The document “overpass.glyphs” could not be opened. The file is corrupted. You can try to fix it in a text editor.” FontLab VI won’t open them either. It looks like they are about 3 years old. Would the version difference keep them from opening? I’m using Version 2.6.2 (1260). I’m not sure what version they were created with. Thanks.

The .glyphs files open fine for me using 2.6.2 [1260]. Did you get them by downloading the zip file?

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That worked. Thanks!

Can you send me the file that didn’t open?

The most likely scenario is that you accidentally downloaded a GitHub page describing the file rather than the actual .glyphs file. Easiest way to determine that is to open the file in a text editor and see if its content looks like HTML