How to prepare glyph3 bounding box measurements when added from glyph1+glyph2= glyph3

if i add a glyph into my font menu> Glyph> Add Glyphs… with the method of A + B = C
the created glyph contains A and B on top of each other (seems glyphsapp consider the least sidebearing from each side)

is there a way to tell Glyphsapp: to put A to the left of B in a wider suitable bounding box, with consideration for A left side bearing only and B right side bearing only. and ignore other sides.

I mean you choose which side bearing for such glyph to be choosed/ignored before glyph is created.
the space in between to be the subtraction difference of the inner ignored sidebearings (the inner here is A right sidebearing and B left sidebearing)

this is useful when adding many glyphs that way.

It actually works this way already. It is the default

  • if you don’t disable Automatic Alignment in Font Info > Other Settings,
  • if both glyphs are not marks (i.e. if both are either letters, figures, symbols or punctuation)
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it works,
thank you .:innocent: