How to print unencoded glyphs to tab text

Hello, I am trying to find out how to print unencoded glyphs to my tab text. So, for instance, I want to print the corresponding string for one.numr. But Font.glyphs["one.numr"].string returns space. How can I circumvent this? Thanks!

It sounds like you’re trying to add an unencoded glyph to an Edit View tab. If that’s correct, you have to slash-escape the glyph name, like /one.numr . You can even copy that string (with the slash) and it will paste into an Edit View as the glyph.

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Or you build a list of layers and assign it to tab.layers

glyph = Font.glyphs["one.numr"]
tab = Font.currentTab
tab.layers = [glyph.layers[Font.masters[0].id], glyph.layers[Font.masters[1].id]]

this will show the first and second master

Thank you very much! I didn’t know about that trick. Works great.