How to properly Master and export a rounded variant

I’m creating a monoline-based family using a single stroke with a thickness applied to it. Controlling the end points makes it extremely easy to create a rounded version. To make updates easy, I have currently been using a second Master to contain the rounded variant. However, it’s the same weight as the non-rounded version and therefore has no parameters that make it unique in order to create an export version.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for including and exporting a rounded variant? I’ve seen some fonts use an entirely different family for rounded. I would go that route but the side-by-side master creation is convenient.

Add any axis - call it ‘round’. Then you can give your masters a unique position.

Have you tried the ‘Round Font’ filter? You could apply it to an extra instance and it might save you from the extra master.

Good thought! I was wondering if that would be an appropriate direction.

Round Font is close but it doesn’t change the treatment of the endpoints on my open paths. I’m assuming it’s intended for fully outlined typography as opposed to monoline.

What version of Glyphs do you have?


I made a small sample font. I uses the latest cutting edge version (and I even found a small preview problem while setting it up). But you can study the structure how it is supposed to work.
Round Font Instance (2.8 KB)

Got your file and noticed where to mark the rounded font in the Versions. I’m assuming it doesn’t preview until you export? Is there any way to preview or tweak the version before exporting? The exported rounded font doesn’t seem to work. It’s just a bunch of circles. Rounded on the left.

I fixed the preview. A new version will be out soon.

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