How to properly name Ligatures


I just wondered how ligatures should be named in Glyphs Mini to be working properly. I had a few ligatures defined like this: f_j

These ligatures do not work as normal ligatures, but rather as discretionary ligatures in Indesign. So how should I properly name my ligatures, is there a rule which ligatures show up as normal or as d-ligatures?


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All ligatures except some f ligatures go into dlig. This is described in detail in the appendix of the manual.

What about ligatures with special characters? Is this possible? For example i would like to make a -> ligature that becomes something like this: ��’ (this should be → or “arrowright” or

oh nevermind… the name should be “hyphen_greater.liga” and that works just fine.

A doubt along the same lines—
For an arrow ligature, is it necessary to name a ‘→’ as hyphen_greater.liga? Or can I do something like shaft_arrowhead.liga, where shaft and arrowhead are custom components? Will this affect the font in anyway? I’d like use this is in an IDE, will this mess up the syntax in anyway?

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The parts of the ligature name are the names of the characters you type to get to the ligature. This is how Glyphs Mini builds the OpenType feature code.

Understood. Thanks!