How to remove corner components

I’ve been using corner components (CC’s) very effectively to add a bevelled edge to a font that I am working on, but now I want to remove some of the CC’s I can’t figure out a way to do it? I’m probably not seeing the wood for the trees, but if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Also, i’ve just noticed that reopening the glyphs file where i’ve used CC’s and now all the CC’s have disappeared - but when I try to add them again glyphs keeps crashing. It seems as though the CC’s might still be there in the code somewhere, but not showing up in the preview?

Anyway, this is perhaps a bug, but for the short term, is there a way to either remove a single CC at a time, and/or perform a wholesale way to check/remove corner components?

There is a small grey badge. If you click on it, the CC gets selected. Simply pressing the Delete key removes the selected CCs.

As for the other problems: Do you have the latest cutting edge version (782) installed?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

The wholesale “remove all corners” / “all caps” feature might come in handy indeed.

What do you mean?

Removing all corner components in a glyph at once. Could/should be scripted.


That would be great. Also: add corner component to multiple corners all at once as well. When choosing 2 nodes it changes to cap, but sometimes what I really want is a corner on both nodes.

Mostly, the only corners I don’t need are in the overlaps (maybe ignore those if possible) and add to all the others.

The easiest way to add multiple corners it by copy paste. Select one corner, copy, select a node, paste. Select another node and paste again.

Sorry to revive this, but just wanted to give my feedback also wishing for a “decompose corners” similar to “decompose components”.

The thread is about removing corners. You want to decompose them? Works already: Right-click, choose Decompose Corner from the context menu.

Oh sorry, I only skimmed and must have missed that “remove” didn’t refer to decompose them here. What I meant was a command that works for the entire glyph, or all selected glyphs. If I have a serif component (say in H) that means I have 8 corner components; “getting rid” of all corners throughout a font is very tiresome. I liked the components for the fast testing and adjusting, but I find with many diagonal joins things get a bit too wonky to just export the fonts straight from that with corners in place.

Sorry to be insisting to get an answer, but I still don’t know: Do you want to get rid of them, or decompose them?

Argh, Sunday morning coffee apparently hadn’t kicked in yet… I want to decompose (all of) them, so keep them but as line art, not corner components.

Quickest way for all is to remove overlap. But that goes to far on your case, I guess? Could be done with a script.

Yes, I think I would like to keep overlaps, but only decompose all the corners at once to fine tune. Does Glyphs expose an action for “decompose corner” that one can call straight?

Try the GSLayer.decomposeCorners() method, see for details.

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Sent you a PR in case you want to add it to your collection of Glyph Scripts.

Following my question in another thread :slight_smile:
Wondering if there is a script that can remove all corners in selected glyphs/layers. Or this still hasn’t been addressed? If so, any tips how to speed the process of removing all corner components?

What do you mean by removing? Decomposing or deleting them?