How to remove PUA values?

I just opened an older font of mine, which uses some PUA Unicode values, which I’d like to strip. How can I remove them? I don’t want to remove the glyphs, just their Unicode values.

Temporary activate “don’t use nice names” font info.
Then the Unicode field in the info box of the font view becomes editable.

Thanks, that works but does that mean I have to go through all the glyphs one by one and remove the Unicode value manually? If I select multiple glyphs then I cannot remove the Unicodes.

This is a bug. Will fix it.

For now, use a script (in the macro window)

for l in Font.selectedLayers:

Thanks, Georg!

It appears this bug exists in the current beta. Selecting multiple glyphs shows “Multiple Values” grayed out, and I cannot select and clear or delete.

i think its intended, since you dont want to asign same unicodes to multiple glyphs, deleting on the other hand… :wink: