How to reset kerning?

Is there a way to completely reset a font’s kerning table?

I’ve tried opening the kerning window, selecting all pairs and hitting delete, but that only deletes a portion of the kerning pairs. I have to do that repeatedly to clear all kerning. There must be a quicker way…

Open the kerning panel, click in the list, hit cmd+A. Then press the ‘–’ (minus) button in the lower left.

That doesn’t work for me. That clears a portion of the kerning table, but not all of it. I’ve emailed a couple of screen shots to you.

I opened the kerning panel, hit CMD-A then pressed the ‘—’ button. That left 13 pairs. I repeated the process and it finished clearing the table, but with a large kerning table, I have to repeat that process over and over until the entire table is finally cleared.