How to reuse a base shape in ligature?


One of the most useful features of Glyphs app is that it supports reuse of dotless or base glyphs.

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to reuse a base glyph in ligatures as well?

For example, I have this base glyph:

I have placed anchors in this base glyph.

Is there a way to set this base glyph in such a way that it used by ligatures like the following:

Thanks and regards.

In the base glyph, you need to add ligature anchors as in normal ligatures (top_1, top_2). Press Cmd+U to add them and then move them to the right position.
In the ligature glyph, add the base shape and the dot with Glyph > Add Component…
Then select the dot and in the info box, click the anchor and select the top_1 anchor.