How to scale evenly across both sides of handle?

In FontLab it’s by holding command and dragging a handle, how do I do this in Glyphs?


In Glyphs it should be the ctrl key, but it seems to be broken. Will fix it.

feature still seems to be broken in 1.3.23?


I am able to do this by holding ctrl + alt, but only on one particular side of the point.

If both handles are selected, it ought to work on both.

PS: In most cases, this can be done more efficiently with the Fit Curve function on the Palette or with ctrl-opt-1…8.

Thanks, however, when I select the top and bottom they scale in opposite directions.

The Fit Curve function is nice, but I can’t edit handles independent of others, i.e. only the top and bottom sides, instead of all.

Not sure what you mean with top and bottom sides. Can you make a screenshot?

The Fit Curve function applies to all segments where at least one handle is selected. And you can handle incoming and outgoing handles differently with the two-dimenional Fit Curve grid, although I have yet to see a good application for that. In 99% of the cases it is advisable to distribute handle length as evenly as possible inside a segment.

See this video, it should scale the same way not opposite wise,

I’ll file a bugreport.

For what you try to achieve in the video, I would definitely use Fit Curve. Not only is it much quicker, it also yields reproducible and precise results, plus a better distribution of handles.

My scenario was: designing an O; I wanted the handles at the top and bottom points a certain length which did not relate to the handles at the left and right points in the way Fit Curves constrains it?

The 2D Fit Curve Grid only has an even number of grid points (i.e. no middle point) which does not allows me to fit the curve symmetrically horizontal and vertical wise (i.e leaving one axis untouched).

Desired result:

What Fit Curve offers (useful for italics I understand):

You can change the proportions of the handles by changing the two numbers in the fit curve panel. on the left I usually have 57% (this is a quite close approximation of an circle or ellipse) and 70

(a bug: when using the arrow or shift-arrow keys to change the value in those boxes, the focus is immediately lost after one change so you can’t keep arrowing up or down.)

You can achieve the same path result with Fit Curve as well. But with better handle distribution. The distribution of handle lengths is pretty bad in the example. The vertical handles (on the left and right) carry all the weight, while the horizontal ones are too short. Here I use Fit Curve on top of your ‘desired result’:

You can see, it’s the same path, just with a different (and I believe, better) distribution of the offcurves.


I see, what makes it a “bad” distribution anyway? That it is unevenly distributed? Or some breakpoint if I will later interpolate and so on?

It depends on what you want to do. In your case it wasn’t that bad. It gets nasty when one end is very short. An even distribution gives you more control over the path and helps you avoid a lot of problems with all sorts of path operations later, like offsetting and especially interpolation.

Holding Ctrl+Alt and click-dragging a BCP only works on one side of a point (the BCP before the point).

This is broken now in Version 2.3b (832)