How to scale kerning?

Hi: Side bearings change when I scale a font, e.g. horizontal 70%. But how do I change the kerning-value, so this fit the
reduced glyph-widths? Thank you :wink:

Well, think I have found a solution – RMX Scale?!

RMX does not scale the kerning.

What you can do is to make a copy of the font, scale it to a UPM of 700 in font info > font > double arrow button in the upper right.

Then copy the kerning from tjr kerning panel into the original file.


So if I use RMX Tuner to make the typeface a bit wider and also just a tiny little bit heavier (increasing the weight value), would I have to scale it to a higher UPM value? What would you suggest, @GeorgSeifert and @TimAhrens?

The RMX Scaler does scale the kerning!

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