How to style link existing (otf-)fonts


I’d like to style link four other weights than the usual combination of RIBBI (Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) of a typeface I purchased. The goal is to provide office templates for my client containing Medium (Italic) and Black (Italic) so that these weights are accessible via the B an I buttons of MS Word.

I know how to set this up in Glyphs with a self created font family as described here: Naming | Glyphs

But how (if possible) can this be achieved with purchased .otf font files.
Of course, providing that this is covered within the EULA.

Help would very much appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

You can import them in Glyphs and then you would work the same way.

Importing loses some information though because not everything can be reverse engineered. Double check the glyph names and the OT Features. Also rename the font family name (add a prefix) to avoid confusion with the original.

Still I would not recommend the style linking setup you suggest. In order to access the
Black, the user would have to select the Medium and then press the B button. This is unexpected behavior, and requires a lot of teaching and explaining. Consider declaring the styles regular and bold.