How to "Tidy up Paths" with script?


Is there a way to call the “Tidy up Paths” from the Paths menu via a script?


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You mean the menu command?

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Perfect, exactly that!

It doesn’t seem to be documented, though.


It is part of the Core, not the wrapper:

Oh wow. I just never even realized that there is that “Core” button… explains a few things :grimacing:


What you see in Core is what the PyObjC bridge provides directly. The functions listed in Core are Python translations of Objective C function names, hence not as ‘pythonic’ as a Python purist would expect.

Roger, I bumped into those with various code samples but just never seen where they are documented, hence assumed they are contributor knowledge or people had gotten them via code introspection :man_facepalming:

Well, that is partly true, though. Digging and poking in all directions can sometimes help as well :laughing:

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