How to translate Asian(Thailand)Original language to AI cs6?

Hello guys…
Im joeques From Malaysia.
Actually im facing a difficulties to translate Asian(Thailand) Original Language to AI cs6 .
The tone marks is keep changing and not same with are original Thailand language when im translate in AI CS6.
so,anyone pls help me.

Thank for advance.

I’m not certain whether Illustrator supports Thai. If there’s any paragraph options to use ‘world-ready composer’ you should enable that. Have you tried using a different font? You may get different results.

Ya, but how to fix the tone marks. Keep changing.

For one reason or another the font you’ve chosen is not working properly in Illustrator CS6. Either we can figure out why it’s not working and try to make it work, or you can see if changing fonts solves the problem.

AI CS6 does not have a world-ready composer IIRC. Does it have to be AI CS6, or can you use a later version?