How to update metrics of all glyphs referencing the active glyph?

I’m relatively new to Glyphs and so far find the metrics groups work like a charm. There is one thing I am dumbstruck by though. When you reference another glyph’s metric for either side, and you update the master glyphs metrics, how do you get the changes to propagate to all the glyphs referencing it?

I found the “Update metrics to all layers” function, but that still means I have to actually select each and every glyph that references the “master” spacing and refresh it? There must be a better way to do this, otherwise, what is the point of it?

You can make a custom filter that shows all glyphs that needs updating. So do your spacing and take care the dependent glyphs later.

Ah okay, thanks for pointing out the custom filters - handy. I also noticed you can select all glyphs in the font window and run the “Update metrics”, which speeds things up quite a bit.

Side-question to this: Is there an acknowledged bug regarding updating calculated expressions (like “H-10” or “|n”), because in 2.4b (925) I am using those don’t seem to update with the “Update Metrics” command.

The question remains, though. Why is this not happening automatically - isn’t that the whole point of linking them? My use case is that I’d like to see a whole string or sentence update while I adjust the referenced metric of a glyph, so going back to filter, select all, update, then switch back to check is not a good work flow. There is of course a chance this is “not the proper” way as per convention, but I like this more interactive approach.
Either way, the additional step of manually updating is unnecessary and rather something to overlook, isn’t it?

I’ll check the ‘update metrics’ problem.

The keys can’t be updated automatically as it disturbes the undo for that glyph. I’ll keep looking into this.

We tried the hotlinking of sidebearings. It also makes the text view unusable because everything shifts, possibly including the glyph you are working on. Imagine you have a sentence in edit view, and suddenly half of the glyphs shift by 100 units.

Ever so sorry. I forgot the “=” in front of some of the expressions and didn’t notice.

Not sure if that is a problem. When I space a “nononon” sequence or the like I also expect it to push or retract the text, just that there are linked glyph sidebarings isn’t exactly speaking against why this would be the expected behaviour.

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