How's your experience with Glyphs on M1 Macs? Is it any (or much) better than Intel Macs?

I am wondering if Glyphs 2/3 performs better on M1 Macs than Intel Macs so I can decide whether to upgrade or not.

There are some issues with Python 3 still, you can see two threads about this in the forum. But if you do get it to work (which may be a PITA), it is really pretty fast: while screen sharing with a user, I saw her run a script in less than a second, and it usually takes like a half a minute or so, even on newer Intel Macs.

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Thanks! I think maybe it’s better to wait for the next M1 Macs in line, but things do look promising!

If you really need to buy a new Mac right now and a 13" is the right size for you, get an Air or the Pro now. Otherwise, as always use your current machine as long as possible. My machines are 5 and 6 years old and Glyphs runs fine (I’m getting an M1 Air for debugging, soon)

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I got my older MBP bricked and moved over to M1 exclusively. Typeface design doesn’t need a faster processor, so there’s not much to gain from M1 in that respect. Meanwhile, there are things you cannot do in M1; There’re lots of plugins that are not supported and it seems that I cannot develop a new plugin at the moment (I think this is more a Big Sur issue?). Having said that, Georg says he is getting a new M1 machine and the situation is expected to be resolved soon.

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I use an intel iMac and an M1 Macbook Pro. M1 is great for power, which isn’t something you need in glyphs. A lot of the plugins still don’t work properly on M1 yet.

I don’t see any difference with speed between my iMac £4,000 and my M1 Macbook £1,200. So if you’re looking for a new Mac with great speeds I would recommend the M1. :slight_smile:

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I have an M1 running since end of December and like it so far. My previous machine is 6 years old and the price tag compared to a new Intel Mac is just unbeatable. I had those Python hiccups as mentioned in those other threads, but it wasn’t that bad. Now I am already (continuing) developing my plugins. I still need some time but that’s due to providing downwards compatibility of those as well as the big bundle coming all together: Glyphs 3, Big Sur, new processor architecture (and Python 3). Lot’s of little annoying sticks in the spokes :smile:

I think, if you where about to get a new Mac anyway, you could consider an M1, but be aware of that there will be better equipped Macs coming probably this year (14 and 16 inch, and likely more USB-hubs(!))

Be also aware that even though you can run Intel Apps, you cannot run 32bit Apps (AFAIK) as well as no Windows emulation, if that’s part of your routine).


If you don’t mind me asking here, I seem to be unable to load any plugin that’s directly installed under Plugins folder, and I am not developing/bug-fixing any at the moment. How are you developing yours?

Did you manually put the plugins there or via the Plugin Manager?

Well I usually use 3-4 plugins simultaneously so Glyphs get laggy sometimes, that’s why I’m looking for an upgrade.

I have a very new intel imac, 9 months old. It seems very quick but I got the upgrade processor and 64 gigs of RAM.

What four plugins are that?

And I don’t think that more RAM makes a difference (after you pass a certain limit of 8 or 16 GB)

Here are my top plugins:
• Stem thickness
• Show tops & bottoms
• Show Kerning Values

Mostly from Xcode at the moment. But because of your question, I just dumped a few of my (still Glyphs 2) Python Plugins into the Glyphs 2 Plugins folder and they just work. One that I tried I last touched in November 2019. For Glyphs 3 those need update to Python 3.