HT letterspacer manager bug?

Hi everybody,

I’ve install this plugin. It work as well but on one of my file, i can’t use it.

Maybe cause i’ve set up first the spacing with the script HT letterspacer (and not the plugin).
With this file, when i click on the HT letterspacer manager plugin, it stretch all my spacing and then the plugin freeze… so i close it, and i close my file without saving.

Is it possible that there is line in the .glyphs file that make happen that behavior? i look for something to erase in it with a “ht letterspacer” mention, but nothing.

Is there a way to clean up this file?
Or could it be something else?

Hello, thanks for your interest in the HTLS Manager. Indeed there is a whole ton of work left to be done. Would you mind sending me the file that you are experiencing crashes on? Then I will have a look at it.

Si tu veux, tu peux m’envoyer ton fichier en privé ici, j’y jetterai un œuil.