HT Letterspacer Manager crash

Hi Forum!
I’m trying to use the Letterspacer manager, but when I try to set rules, this happens:

Any way to solve this and keep using this amazing tool? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance


Hello, I’m very sorry, I mixed up branches in git and accidentally pushed in-progress changes to the master branch.

I can only fix this in a few hours, thanks for pointing this out. If you know how to use git, you can use the version from before I (accidentally) merged dev into master.

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Thank you for the fast reply! I’ll wait for your update, I have time :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry it took so long, but it should work again now. You can update to the latest version. I currently don’t have the time to develop the project a lot, but feel free to report any bugs/feature requests, best on Github. Thanks a lot!

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