HTML Character Code for self-made glyphs

does anybody know how I can find out which html character my self-made icon-glyphys have?

What is an HTML Character Code? Do you mean HTML Escapes? You do not need them if you use Unicode, which you should. So, make sure your HTML document is set to UTF-8 encoding, and your glyphs have a Unicode. Then just copy and paste the text from Glyphs to your HTML editor.

If you still want escape codes, try Unicode Checker, File > New Utilities Window, you will find an HTML Escape conversion there for text you paste.

Yes I mean the HTML Escapes! I am working with Joomla and all my documents are st to UTF-8 and the icons are also unicode but it looks like  (square with the number inside) :-(((

Could it be because I designed them for privat use?

You could use the UnicodeChecker app to find the html codes. They also provide a service that can convert UTF-8 to encoded html.

grrrr… this is not working and I don´t know why…

If it is the right Unicode value you are supplying, are you sure Joomla is using the right font?
How are you producing the webfont? Perhaps your subsetting settings remove PUA characters?

I am still on this topic. I am producing the web font with the web font generator from fontsquirrel. What subsettings should I have?

No subsetting.

And if you do have a subsetting after all, then one that does not delete the glyphs you need.